Acupuncture Point Meducation

Do you want to memorize the acupuncture points?

Are you an acupuncture student studying the points?

Or are you already a practitioner wanting to brush up the knowledge?

… either case this is for you!




Acupuncture Point Meducation is a meditative exploration of the acupuncture points to memorize and study in a relaxed state.

Open both hemispheres to study

Music opens both hemispheres of the brain and the mind gets wide open to receive information in a relaxed state. With the Acupuncture Point Meducation you can passively feed the facts memory as well as the musical/artistic memory,  right and left hemisphere, with information about the acupuncture points without effort.


Repetition is the mother of perfection and what is more pleasurable to repeat than music? And even after memorizing the points, this is a great way to refresh it once in a while, to keep the knowledge fresh, and to get new interesting ideas. In this way it is easy to remember the points when you need them and to develop even faster to be a better acupuncturist for your and your patients highest good.

Enjoy studying and keeping the knowledge fresh

Just listen to the music in your Mp3 player on your way to school or work, in the car, on the bus, train or bicycle or while relaxing or even sleeping. This is a very simple and enjoyable way to study!

Acupuncture Point Meducation covers over 200 of the most important acupuncture points in well over 4 hours packed with music and easily accessible and clinically significant information in downloadable Mp3 files.


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The parts (all in instantly downloadable Mp3-format):


Title Lenght
01 Hand TaiYin Lung channel 11:26
02 Hand YangMing Large intestine channel 14:49
03 Foot YangMing Stomach channel 26:10
04 Foot TaiYin Spleen channel 16:16
05 Hand ShaoYin Heart channel 10:15
06 Hand TaiYang Small intestine channel 14:14
07 Foot TaiYang Urinary bladder channel a 20:05
08 Foot TaiYang Urinary bladder channel b 17:43
09 Foot ShaoYin Kidney channel 19:05
10 Hand JueYin Pericardium channel 12:37
11 Hand ShaoYang SanJiao channel 16:57
12 Foot ShaoYang Gallbladder channel 28:43
13 Foot JueYin Liver channel 14:33
14 Du Mai 17:46
15 Ren Mai 19:15
Total 4:19:54

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Fredrik Jörnebo