About TCM meducation

Fredrik Jörnebo
Fredrik Jörnebo
B. Chin. Med.

Fredrik Jörnebo is the founder of TCM meducation and a practicing TCM therapist in Örebro, Sweden. He studied TCM for three years in the NeiJing academy in Sweden, and then he continued to study for five years in Yunnan University of TCM in Kunming, China where he took his bachelor degree in 2011.

The idea for TCM meducation was born in 2013 when he wanted a nice way to refresh his knowledge. The idea was to combine his love for music and his passion for chinese medicine and wisdom and to connect it with the subconscious mind.

Repetition is the mother of perfection and what is more pleasurable to repeat than music? And with meditative music the mind enters a trance-like state where learning is more effective. A combination made in heaven.

His aim is to make it easier and more pleasurable to study the vast and profound wisdom of TCM, to help students and practitioners alike to make our wonderful world even more wonderful.

Study while relaxing

Relax while healing

Heal while studying

… and help make this world even more wonderful!