First entry of the new TCM encyclopedia

Good Summer Everyone!

All of you who have been attentively visiting have seen that there have been a search field added on top of the page. This has been added because the work of a new TCM encyclopedia has begun and now the very first real entry is published. Appropriately enough it’s about the first acupuncture point Lu-1.

Read all about Lung-1 here!

This work will take some time and as all good encyclopedias will never be finished, there will always be new things added. Another reason it will take time is that summer is comming up and summer in Sweden is short and sweet.

So happy summer to you all and use the search field on top of any page within to search for whatever about TCM you are wondering about. Although only Lu-1 will come up at the time of writing new entrys will be added at a pace that largely is weather dependant…

And of course be shure to remember to buy a lot of products in the shop to support this work…

All the best to you and Happy Summer!!!

Fredrik Jörnebo