Advanced Macrocosmic Orbit (Mp3 + eBook)


The Advanced Macrocosmic orbit is an extremely powerful QiGong practice for TCM-students and practitioners.

This is a guided meditation that will lead you through the twelve main meridians so you can experience them first hand in your own body.

It is excellent self-diagnosis and self-healing and also for studying the meridians as they become more alive when you feel them yourself.



Are you ready for the ultimate QiGong challenge?

Are you a TCM student or practitioner, QiGong practitioner or a martial artist?

Do you want to learn and experience the Qi flow of the meridians at a deeper level?


The Advanced Macrocosmic Orbit is three guided meditations that will lead you through the intricate pathways of the twelve main meridians in your own body. You will be guided through the internal as well as external pathways of Qi, the life force and gain understanding, health and longevity on a deeper level.


What you will gain from this practice:

  • Profound understanding of the meridians.
  • Discover your own energy system.
  • Knowledge that can’t be obtained from books, only your own first hand experience.
  • Deep level healing, as you will be clearing the meridians from all obstructions.
  • Learn the pathway of the meridians as described in the over 2000 year old book HuangDiNeiJing, the yellow emperors internal classic. It is the ultimate reference book for chinese medicine.
  • This is NOT a quickfix but a gradual and profound complete energetic remake from the deep levels of your energysystem that will be reflected not only in your mental and physical state but also in your aura.


What is the difference between the micro-, the macro- and the advanced macrocosmic orbit?

In the microcosmic orbit you follow the Qi-flow through Ren mai and Du mai, or the conception vessel and governing vessel as they are sometimes translated as. They run on the midline of the body on the front and on the back.

There are many variations of the macrocosmic orbit, but essentially you follow the flow of the eight extraordinary channels which also flows through the arms and legs.

In the Advanced Macrocosmic Orbit you follow the 12 main meridians through your whole body.


The mind directs Qi, Qi directs the body

Qi, the life force or energy, is directed by the mind. This is particularly clear when you comfort a baby or child. If they hurt themselves it is usually enough to take their attention somewhere else, and it doesn’t hurt anymore. And the other way around, if you concentrate your attention on an acupuncture point you will get perhaps the same or even greater benefit as a needle.

According to chinese medicine all problems are either too much of something or too little of something, and this unbalance is usually created by blocks somewhere in the meridians. Like a clogged pipe. Before the block there is too much and after the block there is too little, causing different problems in the whole system.

In the Advanced Macrocosmic Orbit you will gently direct your mind, and therefore also Qi, through the twelve main channels and slowly and gently dissolve the blocks in their way.

The meridians are the network of your body and entire being connecting the brain, organs, muscles and even the spirit and the mind to one organic whole. I think you can see the importance of a healthy meridian system.


The Advanced Macrocosmic Orbit

The Advanced Macrocosmic Orbit is divided into three parts, each around 20 minutes long:

1. The first one takes you through the lung, large intestine, stomach and spleen meridians.

2. The second takes you through the heart, small intestine, urinary bladder and kidney meridians.

3. And the third and last part takes you through the pericardium, SanJiao, gall bladder and liver meridians.

They are all instantly downloadable Mp3-files. If you are not so familiar with the pathways of the meridians there is also included an e-Book in pdf format with illustrative pictures that can be helpful in the beginning.

You just lay down, it’s easier if you lay down, listen and follow the instructions. Have the e-Book ready if you need it, otherwise it is better if you keep your eyes closed and concentrate on the flow. Choose yourself if you want to listen only to one part at the time or the whole set.




1) Lung – Large Intestine – Stomach – Spleen 20:56

2) Heart – Small Intestine – Urinary Bladder – Kidney 21:19

3) Pericardium – San Jiao – Gall Bladder – Liver 20:20

+ e-Book