Inner Spaces (Mp3)


Meditation music that lets you be in your experience rather than listening to the music. The music will guide you to your inner self, to your inner spaces, where you can explore yourself and your world and beyond.



“Inner Spaces” is over 120 minutes of highly meditative, relaxing and trance inducing meditation music. It has a wavy flow to it that allows you to float away in consciousness. There is no beat and no melody that captures your minds attention, it just fills the room with blissed tranquility.

It is just perfect for massage, acupuncture, healing and hypnotherapy and other situations where you want music that fills the room without taking over. It is also very good for studying because the mind is calming down and automatically comes to a trance-like state.

Although it sounds very beautiful it interestingly enough blends very well with traffic noise and effectively makes traffic noise almost part of the music. Perfect if your clinic is close to a road.


1) Inner Space 1 29:58

2) Inner Space 2 29:58

3) Inner Space 3 29:58

4) Inner Space 4 33:44