Relax into Awareness (mp3)


Systematically relax your muscles from head to toe and then become fully aware of your body and surroundings. Connect the inner world and the outer world to live more fully and in an enlightened state.



Relax into Awareness


The first track helps you to relax your muscles systematically from head to toe. Tense muscles can be the cause of many problems. Not only muscular but also organic and mental due to tense muscles can obstruct free flow of Qi, Blood, body fluids, hormones and even nerve impulses. When you relax your muscles you can also improve breathing, nervous tension, feelings of lumps in the throat, chest, somach etc, as well as overall wellness.

The second track is an instrumental transition from Relax into Awareness.

Awareness is inspired by Eckhart Tolles teachings about awareness and how to be aware of the here and now. If you live your life here and now instead of always living in the past or in some imaginary future you are in an enlightened state. If you are not you will have always been in the past or been dreaming about the future, and one day you find that you missed it all. Life is here and now!



Title Lenght
01 Relax… 19:18
02 …into… (instrumental) 4:58
03 …Awareness 10:24


A special thank you to Anna-Kajsa Andersson for the wonderful cover art.