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I want to memorize acupuncture points


Lu-7 Lie Que 列缺 Broken Sequence

Lu-7 Lie Que 列缺 Broken Sequence

Lu-7 LièQuē 列缺 Broken Sequence

Luo connecting point
Confluent point of Ren Mai
Meeting point of the hand Tai Yin, hand Yang Ming and Ren Mai
Gao Wu command point
Heavenly star point

【Name explanation】1) 列, Liè means row or line, or it can be from another character, 裂, which means crack or split; 缺, Quē, means to lack or here broken utensil or to depart. 列缺, LièQuē means that heaven cracks by lightning, meaning that a flash is ripping and departing from the sky. The Lung is the lid, the uppermost organ like heaven. At Lu-7 Channel Qi departs to join with Yang Ming, like a flash departing from heaven. It treats Lung-defense being attacked by external evils and abnormalities of the dispersing and descending functions of the Lung.
2)Lu-7(列缺), means lightning. 《汉书·扬雄传》says: “列缺, heaven cracks, lightning emerges. ”The point is located in a “seam” behind the radial styloid process, and it is also where the hand Tai Yin Luo channel is departing from the main channel, therefore it is called列缺, LièQuē. 《Grand Simplicity of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon(黄帝内经太素) 》 says: “from here it departs to the Luo part, from the sequence of the main channel, therefore its called broken. It breaks and departs from the main channel, therefore it is called 列缺, LièQuē. ”

【First appearance】《The Magic Pivot(灵枢) ·Channels》.

【Location】On the radial side of the forearm, proximal to the radial styloid process, 1.5 cun proximal to the transverse crease of the wrist. Between the brachioradial muscle and the tendon of the long thumb abductor.
Localization note: Where the index finger points proximal to the styloid process when crossing the hands by the tiger mouth (region between the index finger and the thumb).
《The Magic Pivot(灵枢) ·Channels》: “1.5 cun from the wrist, separates to join Yang Ming. ”《铜人腧穴针灸图经》: “When the hands cross, index finger points to the crack between the tendons and bones. ”
《针经指南》: “Behind the wrist high bone (radial styloid process) between the stitches”.
《针灸逢源》: “On the side 1.5 cun from the wrist”.

【Anatomy】skin, subcutaneous tissue, long thumb abductor, brachioradial muscle, pronator muscle ; superficially there is the lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm and superficial branch of the radial nerve distribution, deeper there is deep branches of the radial nerve, median nerve muscle branch and radial artery, radial vein distribution.

Diffuse the lung dissipate evil
Disinhibit and regulate Ren Mai
Suppress cough calm panting
Free the channels and quicken the network vessels
Disinhibit water free strangury
Disinhibit water regulate the intestines.

【Clinical application】
1. Diffuse the lung scatter wind: Lung channel Qi from here distributes to the outer, and governs skin and [body] hair, controls the surface of the whole body, therefore needling it diffuses the lung disinhibit Qi, scatter wind resolve the exterior. It is use to treat lung-defense attacked by external evil, abnormal dispersing and descendingcausing cough panting, common-cold headache, stiff neck, fascial paralysis and so on.
2. Disinhibit the throat free the Luo vessels: The nose is the external orifice of the Lung, the internal path of the Lung channel passes the throat, the gate of heavenly Qi (air), therefor needling it can diffuse the lung, clear and disinhibit the throat. Lu-7 is used to treat wind evil invading the lung, nose and throat disease due to impaired lung depuration. Lu-7 is also one of the master points of the eight vessels, opening Ren Mai, therefore this point can also disinhibit and regulate Ren Mai to treat reproduction system diseases.

【Indications】cough, panting, sore throat, hemiplegia, facial hemiplegia, migraine, stiff and painful neck, painful and weak wrist, toothache.
Respiratory system: common cold, wheezing and panting;
Nervous system: side and medial headache, facial nerve spasm, facial nerve paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia;
Motion system: cervical spondylosis, cerebrovascular sequelae, wrist joint soft tissue disease;
Other: spermatorrhea, toothache, high blood pressure.

Classical records: cough with copious phlegm, coughing and spitting pus/blood, panting, chest and diaphragm obstruction pain, unable to swallow food, pain in heart and abdomen, abdominal distention, diarrhea, constipation, prolapse of the rectum in children, itching painful and bleeding haemorhoids, fever absence of sweating, phlegm-rheum, water swelling (equivalent to WM edema), concretions and conglomerations, dispersion-thirst, malaria, profuse phlegm, clenched jaw, child fright epilepsy, urine heat pain (or sore), urine descent of blood, urinary stoppage, frequent urine incontinence , migraine on side and middle , deep-source nasal congestion, toothache, sore swollen throat, stiff neck and headache, freezing and shivering of back and chest , wind Bi , wind impediment, mouth askew , hemiplegia, four limb reversal, convulsion of hands and feet, pain in elbow and arm, palm heat, wrist forceless, swollen and painful breasts , retention of dead featus, retention of placenta , postpartum lumbar pain.

Modern reports: diabetes mellitus, bloody urine, proteinuria , rhinitis, laryngitis, nerve induced headache, trigeminal neuralgia, clenched jaw, hoarse voice, hives, stiff neck, carpal tunnel syndrome , wrist soft tissue injury.

【Point combinations】
Combined with SI-3(后溪), SI-1(少泽), SI-2(前谷) treats malarial heat and aversion to cold (《A Thousand Gold Pieces Prescriptions(千金要方)》)
Combined with GB-12(完骨) treats facial hemiplegia (《针灸资生经》)
Combined with Lu-10(鱼际), Lu-11(少商) treats acute sore swollen throat
Combined with K-6(照海) treats Yin vacuity chronic sore throat.
Combined with GB-20(风 池), UB-12(风 门), LI-4(合谷), scatter wind resolve the exterior suppress cough, treats common cold, cough, headache, stiff neck.
Combined with K-6(照海), descend Qi and calm panting disinhibit the throat, treat cough and panting, throat pain.
Cough: Ren-17 (膻中), UB-13(肺俞), Lu-7(列缺), St-36(足三里).
Mouth askew : St-4(地仓), Lu-7(列缺).
Pain in the penis: Lu-7(列缺), Liv-2(行间).
Proteinuria : Lu-7(列缺), K-6(照海).

【Technique】Oblique insertion towards the elbow or the wrist or transverse insertion 0.3-0.5 cun. Direct moxibustion prohibited.

【Classic texts】
《Thousand Gold Pieces Formulary(千金方)》: male Yin (penis) pain bloody urine, seminal loss, moxa Lu-7(列缺) 50 times.
《资生》: sweating, swelling of the four limbs.

【Modern research】Experiments show , needle Lu-7(列缺) combined with UB-23(肾俞) or K-6(照海) can strengthen kidney function, and lower blood pressure. Needle Lu-7(列缺) can also make the urinary bladder contract to increase urination. Also during vascular photoplethysmographyit was discovered that needling Lu-7(列缺) regulated tonus of the blood vessels.

【Note】Lu-7 and Lu-5(尺泽) both can diffuse the lung, but Lu-7(列缺) incline to effuse and dissipate external evil and diffuse the lung disinhibit Qi; Lu-5(尺泽) incline to clear the lung heat and diffuse the lung.


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I want to memorize acupuncture points


Lu-8 Jing Qu 经渠 Through the Channel

Lu-8 Jing Qu 经渠 Through the Channel


Lu-8 JīngQú 经渠 Through the Channel

Jing river point
Metal point

【Name explanation】1) 经, Jīng, channel where something is flowing through; 渠, Qú means canal where water flows. Lu-8 is the Lung channels Jing river point where Lung channel Qi flows through, therefor it is called 经渠, Through the channel.“The way of the five viscera (heart, lung, spleen, liver, and kidney), all comes from经渠, Through the channel.”Lung faces the hundred vessels, meaning all Qi and Blood in the body flows through the Lungs, and channel and organ Qi and Blood also passes here in Through the Channel(经渠). Lu-8 treat cough and panting and stagnant Lung channel Qi.
2) 《Magic Pivot 2, Transport [Points]》: “Lu-8(经渠), in the cun opening (wrist pulse) . Moves and not stays is 经, Jīng. ”The point is hand Tai Yin’s Jing-River point, by the artery, Blood and Qi is exuberant, like a water ditch (or canal).

【First appearance】《Magic Pivot 2, Transport [Points]》.

【Location】At the forearm palmside radial side, 1 cun proximal to the transverse crease of the wrist, in the depression between the radial styloid process and radial artery.
《Magic Pivot 2, Transport [Points]》: “ cun opening (wrist pulse), moves and not stays”.
《The Gateway to Medicine(医学入门)》: “Near bar (关) (pulse) ”.

【Anatomy】skin, subcutaneous tissue, between the radial wrist flexor tendon and the tendon of the long thumb abductor, pronator muscle; superficially there is the lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm, deeper there is median nerve muscle branch, deep branches of the radial nerve and radial artery distribution.

Suppress cough
Normalize Qi calm panting
Diffuse the lung disinhibit the throat
Descend counterflow calm panting
Restore the pulse

【Clinical application】
1. Open stagnation free the channels: Lu-8(经渠) is the hand Tai Yin Lung channel’s Jing river point, as the constant stream of a river. Needling it open stagnation and frees the Qi flow, opens and harmonizes Lung channel Qi. It is used to treat evil Qi staying in the channel, and inhibited flow of channel Qi.
2. Disperse and descend Lung Qi: Lu-8 is where Lung channel Qi rushes through, so needling it disperse and descend Lung Qi. It is used to treat Lung failing to disperse and descend, Qi counterflow cough and panting.

【Indications】cough, panting, chest pain, sore swollen throat, wrist pain .
Respiratory system: tracheitis, bronchi, wheezing and panting, pneumonia, tonsilitis, fever, chest pain;
Nervous system: diaphragm spasm, esophagus spasm, radial nerve pain or paralysis.

Classical records: cough, wheezing and panting, hasty breathing, febrile disease absence of sweating, puffy swelling, feeling of inflation in the chest, frequent yawning, chest/back pain, vomiting because of heart pain, throat impediment, wrist pain, palm heat, pain in the middle of the feet, recovers six pulses.

Modern reports: sore swollen throat, no pulse syndrome.

【Point combinations】
Combined with Liv-2(行间) treats cough, combined with GB-40(丘墟) treats acute chest and back pain, surging pain in the chest (《A Thousand Gold Pieces Prescriptions(千金要方)》).
Combined with GB-40(丘墟), it descend and disperse Lung Qi, open the chest disinhibit Qi, treat cough fullness in the chest, acute chest and back pain .
Combined with GB-40(丘墟), Lu-10(鱼际), UB-60(昆仑), UB-64(京骨), free the channels and quicken the network vessels relieve pain, treats back pain.
Cough: Lu-8(经渠), Liv-2(行间).
Febrile disease absence of sweating: Lu-8(经渠), Sp-2(大都).

【Technique】Avoid radial artery and vein, perpendicular insertion 0.3-0.5 cun. Moxibustion prohibited.

【Classic texts】
《The Systematized Canon(甲乙经)》: moxa contraindicated, moxibustion can harm the persons spirit light.
《资生》: treats pain in the sole of the foot.


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I want to memorize acupuncture points


Lu-9 TàiYuān 太渊 Great Abyss

Lu-9 Tai Yuan 太渊 Great Abyss

Lu-9 TàiYuān 太渊 Great Abyss
Shu-stream point
Yuan- source point
Meeting point of the vessels

【Summary】太, Tài means big or great; 渊, Yuān here means deep or abyss. The point is located at the cun opening (wrist pulse), where blood is exuberant and Qi gathers and plunge deeper, vast and deep, pass on to the hundred vessels, like a water intersection, therefore it is called Tài Yuān (太渊) the Great Abyss.

【First appearance】《Magic Pivot 2, Transport [Points]》.

【Location】At the wrist crease on the radial side of the radial artery. At the radial and distal side of the scaphoid tubercle, between the radial side wrist flexor tendon and the tendon of the long thumb abductor.

【Anatomy】skin, subcutaneous tissue, radial side wrist flexor tendon and Long thumb extensor tendon. In the point area is the lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm, deeper there is radial artery and the radial vein, also the median nerve muscle branch and Interosseous nerve (radial nerve branch) distribution.

Suppress cough and transform phlegm
Diffuse the lung calm panting
Support right dispel evils
Regulate and disinhibit blood vessels
Restore the pulse
Clear pharyngeal heat disperse swelling

【Clinical application】
1. Lu-9(太渊) is the Yuan-source point of the Lung where original Qi enters and exits, it is also hand Tai Yin channels Shu-stream and earth point, therefore tonification can supplement Lung Qi, nourish Yin moisten the lung; dispersing Lu-9 can free Lung Qi, descend counterflow Qi, disperse and descend Lung Qi, disperse and descend JinYe, clear phlegm and stop cough. It is a frequently used point to treat vacuous and impaired diffusion and descending of Lung Qi .
2. Expel wind and free the network vessels: needle it can diffuse the lung and expel wind , free the meridians free the network vessels, it is a frequently used point to treat Lung channel circulation path pathology.

【Indications】cough, panting, expectoration of blood, chest pain, sore swollen throat, no pulse syndrome, wrist pain .
Respiratory system: tonsilitis, pneumonia;
Vascular system: tachycardia, no pulse syndrome, vasculitis ;
Other: intercostal nerve pain, radiocarpal joint and surrounding soft tissue problems, diaphragm spasm.

Classical records: cough, panting, expectoration of blood, distention of the lung, fullness in the chest, distention of the breasts, heart pain, stomach Qi ascending counterflow, abdominal distention, wind phlegm, agitation and manic speach, headache, swollen and painful face, eye pain, toothache, shoulder and back pain, pain an the arm and elbow, wrist pain forceless, swelling in the supraclavicular fossa.

Modern reports: influenza, sore swollen throat, bronchitis, hundred-day cough, pulmonary consumption, chest pain, no pulse syndrome, vasculitis , heart palpitations, rhinitis.

【Point combinations】
Combined with H-7(神门) treats spitting of blood quivering with cold, retching of blood Qi ascent, combined with Lu-8(经渠) treats pain in the arm (《A Thousand Gold Pieces Prescriptions(千金要方)》)
Combined with Lu-7(列缺) treat cough wind phlegm (《Ode of the Jade Dragon(玉龙赋)》)
Combined with Lu-10(鱼际) treats dry throat (《The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion(针灸大成)》)
Combined with H-7(神门), Liv-2(行间), Liv-3(太冲), Lu-10(鱼际) treats retching of blood (《针灸资生经》).
Combined with Lu-7(列缺), Lu-6(孔最), it has the effect to scatter wind resolve the exterior, diffuse the lung and suppress cough, mainly treats cough, panting, chest and back pain.
Combined with P-6(内关), St-42(冲阳), Sp-6(三阴交), benefits the heart free Yang, dispel stasis and frees the vessels, mainly treats no pulse syndrome.

【Point combinations】
retching of blood Qi ascent: Lu-9(太渊), H-7(神门).
swollen supraclavicular fossa: Lu-9(太渊), LI-1(商阳), GB-41(足临泣).
no pulse syndrome: LI-11(曲池), P-6(内关), Lu-9(太渊), LI-4(合谷), St-36(足三里).

【Technique】avoid radial artery perpendicular insertion 0.3-0.5 cun; can use stick moxibustion 3-5 min, but not direct moxibustion to avoid injuring the radialis artery.

【Classic texts】
《Thousand Gold Pieces Formulary(千金方)》: spitting of blood quivering with cold dry throat, Lu-9(太渊) treats it.
《Ode of the Jade Dragon(玉龙赋)》: cough wind phlegm, Lu-9(太渊), Lu-7(列缺) is beneficial to needle.
《The Golden Mirror(金鉴)》: mainly treats tooth pain, wrist forceless pain and cough wind phlegm, migraine on side and middle etc.

ren mai the conception vessel

RènMài – the conception vessel – 任脉

Ren-1 HuìYīn 会阴
Ren-2 QūGŭ 曲骨
Ren-3 ZhōngJí 中极
Ren-4 GuānYuán 关元
Ren-5 ShíMén 石门
Ren-6 QìHăi 气海
Ren-7 YīnJiāo 阴交
Ren-8 ShénQuè 神阙
Ren-9 ShuĭFēn 水分
Ren-10 XiàWăn 下脘
Ren-11 JiànLĭ 建里
Ren-12 ZhōngWăn 中脘
Ren-13 ShàngWăn 上脘
Ren-14 JùQuè 巨阙
Ren-15 JiūWěi 鸠尾
Ren-16 ZhōngTíng 中庭
Ren-17 DànZhōng 膻中
Ren-18 YùTáng 玉堂
Ren-19 ZĭGōng 紫宫
Ren-20 HuáGài 华盖
Ren-21 XuánJī 璇玑
Ren-22 TiānTū 天突
Ren-23 LiánQuán 廉泉
Ren-24 ChéngJiāng 承浆