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I want to memorize acupuncture points


Lu-5 Chi Ze 尺泽 Cubit Pool


Lu-5 ChĭZé 尺泽 Cubit Pool
He-Sea point
Water point
Dispersion point

【Name explanation】1) 尺, Chĭ was an ancient chinese unit of length based on the distance between the wrist and the crease of the elbow; 泽, Zé, means pool or a deep place where water gathers. Lu-5 is the Lung channel He-Sea point and corresponds to the element water. The hand Tai Yin channel Qi flows here like water gathers in a pool, and Lu-5 is located one Chi from the wrist in a depression in the transverse crease of the elbow, therefor it is called Cubit Pool. It treats inhibition of Lung Qi, phlegm-heat congesting the lung and also clears toxic heat in the blood.

2)尺, is a fusion of the character“尸”(body) and “乙” (which looks like a flexed elbow), meaning the forearm. 泽, a depression or hollow where water gathers. The name comes from the point localization.

【First appearance】《Magic Pivot 2, Transport [Points]》.

【Location】In the transverse crease of the elbow, in the depression at the radial side of biceps brachi.
《Magic Pivot 2, Transport [Points]》: “By the artery in the [crease of the] elbow”.
《Essential Secrets from Outside the Metropolis(外台秘要)》: “In the transverse crease when the arm is flexed, in the depression between the tendon and the bone”.
《The Gateway to Medicine(医学入门)》: “Outside the big tendon in the transverse crease of the elbow ”.
《循经考穴编》: “Flex the arm lika a bow, insert needle there. ”

【Anatomy】skin, subcutaneous tissue, origin of brachioradialis, brachial muscle; superficially there is cephalic vein, the lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm distribution, deeper there is root of the radial nerve, deep branches of the radial nerve, musculocutaneous nerve and anterior branch of the radial collateral artery distribution.

Clear phlegm-heat in the Lung
Descend and disperse Lung Qi
Tonify Yin and moisten the lung
Clear heat harmonize the stomach
Cool the blood resolve toxin
Open the channels and relieve pain.

【Clinical application】
1. Clear heat diffuse the Lung: Lu-5(尺泽) is the He-Sea and water point of the hand Tai Yin Lung channel, where channel Qi returns to. The Lung pertains to metal, and metal generates water. Repletion is treated by draining the child, therefore dispersing this point clears and drains lung heat, disperses and descends Lung Qi. External evil raid the Lung, phlegm-heat inhibits the Lung, evil heat and Yin vacuity lung dryness etc causing impaired diffusion and descending of the lung, abnormal Qi dynamic etc can be treated with Lu-5.
2. Cool the blood resolve toxin: The elbow is a big joint where a lot of Qi and blood is streaming, therefor bleeding Lu-5 clears blood heat and evil toxins. It treats blood heat-toxin causing summerheat stroke, acute vomiting and diarrhea, child wind-fright etc.

【Indications】cough, panting, expectoration of blood, tidal heat, fullness in the chest, sore swollen throat, vomiting and diarrhea, child wind-fright, elbow and arm pain.
Respiratory system: pulmonary consumption, expectoration of blood, pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchi wheezing and panting, sore swollen throat, pleurisy;
Motion system: pathology in the elbow joint, cerebrovascular disease sequelae, forearm spasm;
Nervous system: shoulder neuralgia, neuropathy, child convulsion;
Other: urinary bladder sphincter paralysis (urinary incontinence).

Classical records: cough, panting, Qi counterflow, expectoration of blood, frequent retching, fullness and pain in the chest and rib-side, tuberculosis, heart pain, heart vexation, dribbling urinary block, stomachache, abdominal distention, twisted bowel pain fever, constipation, nosebleed, throat impediment, dry tongue, quivering with cold, tidal heat dispersion-thirst, madness, atrophy, malaria, lumbar pain, shoulder and spinal pain, wind impediment, inability to raise the arm over the shoulder, elbow and arm pain.
《The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion(针灸大成)》: treats pain in shoulder and arm, attack by wind after sweating, frequent urination, propensity to sneeze, sadness and weeping, heat and aversion to cold wind impediment, spasm of the upper arm and elbow, inability to raise the arm, throat impediment, Qi counterflow with vomiting, dry mouth, cough with turbid plegm, malaria, sudden swelling of the four limbs, heart pain arm cold, shortness of breath, distended lungs, heart vexation and oppression, shortage of Qi, taxation heat, panting and fullness, pain and stiffness of the lumbar spine, chronic child wind-fright .
《Thousand Gold Pieces Formulary(千金方)》: malaria in the five viscera (heart, lung, spleen, liver, and kidney), vomiting Qi ascent.
《The Golden Mirror of Medicine(医宗金鉴)》: coughing and spitting pus/blood, throat impediment, lung accumulation rushing respiration, intestine-gripping sand (dry cholera), typhoid fever (伤寒) absence of sweating, acute child wind-fright
《资生经》: Lu-5(尺泽) treats vomiting and diarrhea (outflow up and down), pain under the rib-side.
《Ode of Spiritual Light(灵光赋)》: blood ejection stabilize panting, tonify Lu-5(尺泽)
《胜玉歌》: Lu-5(尺泽) treats hypertonicity of the tendons.
《Song to Keep Up Your Sleeve(肘后歌)》: pain and swelling of the knee that makes it difficult to walk, Lu-5(尺泽) soothes the sinews bone pain.
《玉龙歌》: tension of the sinews with difficulty to open the hand, Lu-5(尺泽).

Modern reports: common cold, sore swollen throat, tonsilitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, hundred-day cough, pneumonia, pleurisy, intercostal nerve pain, cinnabar toxin [sore], malposition of the fetus, measles papules, high blood pressure.

【Point combinations】
Combined with SI-1(少泽) treats shortness of breath, rib-side pain heart vexation
Combined with SJ-1(关冲), SJ-5(外关), GB-44(足窍阴 ) treats inability to raise the arm (《A Thousand Gold Pieces Prescriptions(千金要方)》)
Combined with Lu-11(少商) treats sore swollen throat, nosebleed.combined with UB-40(委中) prick bleeding treats cinnabar toxin [sore], acute vomiting and diarrhea, combined with LI-11(曲池) treats elbow and arm pain (《玉龙歌》)
Combined with LI-4(合谷), it moves Qi quicken the network vessels, dispels stasis relieve pain, and treats elbow and arm pain, elbow joint inhibited bending and stretching.
Combined with UB-13(肺俞), it descends Qi and suppress cough calm panting, and treats cough, panting.
Combined with UB-40(委中), it clears heat and transforms dampness, and treats vomiting and diarrhea.
Vomiting: Lu-5(尺泽), P-7(大陵).
Madness: Lu-5(尺泽), K-2(然谷).
Wind impediment inability to raise the arm : 肩贞, Lu-5(尺泽).
Hundred-day cough: Lu-5(尺泽), LI-4(合谷).
Nosebleed: Lu-5(尺泽), Liv-3(太冲).
《The Systematized Canon(甲乙经)》: spitting of blood, disperse Lu-10(鱼际), tonify Lu-5(尺泽)
《资生经》: Lu-5(尺泽), K-2(然谷) treats madness, arm unable to raise above the head.
《The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion(针灸大成)》: treat wrenching of the lumbus rib-side pain, Lu-5(尺泽), UB-40(委中), Du-26(人中).

【Technique】perpendicular insertion 0.5-1 cun or prick bleeding. Use direct moxibustion with care, stick moxibustion 10-15 minutes.
《The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion(针灸大成)》: Needle 0.3 cun, keep for three breaths, moxa five times.

【Classic texts】
《Thousand Gold Pieces Formulary(千金方)》: treats vomiting and diarrhea (outflow up and down), pain under the rib-side.
《铜人》: treats wind impediment elbow spasm, arm unable to rise, throat impediment Qi ascent, dry tongue, cough with turbid plegm, sudden swelling of the four limbs, arm cold shortness of breath.
《Ode of Spiritual Light(灵光赋)》: blood ejection stabilize panting tonify Lu-5(尺泽).

【Modern research】clinical observation proves, needling Lu-5(尺泽) lowers blood pressure. Experiments confirmed, needling Lu-5(尺泽) regulates colon peristalsis, makes the peristalsis of the colon descendens and rectum significantly stronger. Furthermore, needling Lu-5(尺泽) is effective to treat nerve induced vomiting.

【Note】Lu-5 is the He-Sea point of the Lung channel, where channel Qi penetrates deeper to enter the Lung like a ”floodgate”. If external evil enters this channel, and is not diffused, this is the place it has to enter the interior. When external pathogens are not treated in time and enters the interior Lu-5 can hinder it’s passage and transmutation.

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