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Lu-8 Jing Qu 经渠 Through the Channel

Lu-8 Jing Qu 经渠 Through the Channel


Lu-8 JīngQú 经渠 Through the Channel

Jing river point
Metal point

【Name explanation】1) 经, Jīng, channel where something is flowing through; 渠, Qú means canal where water flows. Lu-8 is the Lung channels Jing river point where Lung channel Qi flows through, therefor it is called 经渠, Through the channel.“The way of the five viscera (heart, lung, spleen, liver, and kidney), all comes from经渠, Through the channel.”Lung faces the hundred vessels, meaning all Qi and Blood in the body flows through the Lungs, and channel and organ Qi and Blood also passes here in Through the Channel(经渠). Lu-8 treat cough and panting and stagnant Lung channel Qi.
2) 《Magic Pivot 2, Transport [Points]》: “Lu-8(经渠), in the cun opening (wrist pulse) . Moves and not stays is 经, Jīng. ”The point is hand Tai Yin’s Jing-River point, by the artery, Blood and Qi is exuberant, like a water ditch (or canal).

【First appearance】《Magic Pivot 2, Transport [Points]》.

【Location】At the forearm palmside radial side, 1 cun proximal to the transverse crease of the wrist, in the depression between the radial styloid process and radial artery.
《Magic Pivot 2, Transport [Points]》: “ cun opening (wrist pulse), moves and not stays”.
《The Gateway to Medicine(医学入门)》: “Near bar (关) (pulse) ”.

【Anatomy】skin, subcutaneous tissue, between the radial wrist flexor tendon and the tendon of the long thumb abductor, pronator muscle; superficially there is the lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm, deeper there is median nerve muscle branch, deep branches of the radial nerve and radial artery distribution.

Suppress cough
Normalize Qi calm panting
Diffuse the lung disinhibit the throat
Descend counterflow calm panting
Restore the pulse

【Clinical application】
1. Open stagnation free the channels: Lu-8(经渠) is the hand Tai Yin Lung channel’s Jing river point, as the constant stream of a river. Needling it open stagnation and frees the Qi flow, opens and harmonizes Lung channel Qi. It is used to treat evil Qi staying in the channel, and inhibited flow of channel Qi.
2. Disperse and descend Lung Qi: Lu-8 is where Lung channel Qi rushes through, so needling it disperse and descend Lung Qi. It is used to treat Lung failing to disperse and descend, Qi counterflow cough and panting.

【Indications】cough, panting, chest pain, sore swollen throat, wrist pain .
Respiratory system: tracheitis, bronchi, wheezing and panting, pneumonia, tonsilitis, fever, chest pain;
Nervous system: diaphragm spasm, esophagus spasm, radial nerve pain or paralysis.

Classical records: cough, wheezing and panting, hasty breathing, febrile disease absence of sweating, puffy swelling, feeling of inflation in the chest, frequent yawning, chest/back pain, vomiting because of heart pain, throat impediment, wrist pain, palm heat, pain in the middle of the feet, recovers six pulses.

Modern reports: sore swollen throat, no pulse syndrome.

【Point combinations】
Combined with Liv-2(行间) treats cough, combined with GB-40(丘墟) treats acute chest and back pain, surging pain in the chest (《A Thousand Gold Pieces Prescriptions(千金要方)》).
Combined with GB-40(丘墟), it descend and disperse Lung Qi, open the chest disinhibit Qi, treat cough fullness in the chest, acute chest and back pain .
Combined with GB-40(丘墟), Lu-10(鱼际), UB-60(昆仑), UB-64(京骨), free the channels and quicken the network vessels relieve pain, treats back pain.
Cough: Lu-8(经渠), Liv-2(行间).
Febrile disease absence of sweating: Lu-8(经渠), Sp-2(大都).

【Technique】Avoid radial artery and vein, perpendicular insertion 0.3-0.5 cun. Moxibustion prohibited.

【Classic texts】
《The Systematized Canon(甲乙经)》: moxa contraindicated, moxibustion can harm the persons spirit light.
《资生》: treats pain in the sole of the foot.

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