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I want to memorize acupuncture points


Lu-9 TàiYuān 太渊 Great Abyss

Lu-9 Tai Yuan 太渊 Great Abyss

Lu-9 TàiYuān 太渊 Great Abyss
Shu-stream point
Yuan- source point
Meeting point of the vessels

【Summary】太, Tài means big or great; 渊, Yuān here means deep or abyss. The point is located at the cun opening (wrist pulse), where blood is exuberant and Qi gathers and plunge deeper, vast and deep, pass on to the hundred vessels, like a water intersection, therefore it is called Tài Yuān (太渊) the Great Abyss.

【First appearance】《Magic Pivot 2, Transport [Points]》.

【Location】At the wrist crease on the radial side of the radial artery. At the radial and distal side of the scaphoid tubercle, between the radial side wrist flexor tendon and the tendon of the long thumb abductor.

【Anatomy】skin, subcutaneous tissue, radial side wrist flexor tendon and Long thumb extensor tendon. In the point area is the lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm, deeper there is radial artery and the radial vein, also the median nerve muscle branch and Interosseous nerve (radial nerve branch) distribution.

Suppress cough and transform phlegm
Diffuse the lung calm panting
Support right dispel evils
Regulate and disinhibit blood vessels
Restore the pulse
Clear pharyngeal heat disperse swelling

【Clinical application】
1. Lu-9(太渊) is the Yuan-source point of the Lung where original Qi enters and exits, it is also hand Tai Yin channels Shu-stream and earth point, therefore tonification can supplement Lung Qi, nourish Yin moisten the lung; dispersing Lu-9 can free Lung Qi, descend counterflow Qi, disperse and descend Lung Qi, disperse and descend JinYe, clear phlegm and stop cough. It is a frequently used point to treat vacuous and impaired diffusion and descending of Lung Qi .
2. Expel wind and free the network vessels: needle it can diffuse the lung and expel wind , free the meridians free the network vessels, it is a frequently used point to treat Lung channel circulation path pathology.

【Indications】cough, panting, expectoration of blood, chest pain, sore swollen throat, no pulse syndrome, wrist pain .
Respiratory system: tonsilitis, pneumonia;
Vascular system: tachycardia, no pulse syndrome, vasculitis ;
Other: intercostal nerve pain, radiocarpal joint and surrounding soft tissue problems, diaphragm spasm.

Classical records: cough, panting, expectoration of blood, distention of the lung, fullness in the chest, distention of the breasts, heart pain, stomach Qi ascending counterflow, abdominal distention, wind phlegm, agitation and manic speach, headache, swollen and painful face, eye pain, toothache, shoulder and back pain, pain an the arm and elbow, wrist pain forceless, swelling in the supraclavicular fossa.

Modern reports: influenza, sore swollen throat, bronchitis, hundred-day cough, pulmonary consumption, chest pain, no pulse syndrome, vasculitis , heart palpitations, rhinitis.

【Point combinations】
Combined with H-7(神门) treats spitting of blood quivering with cold, retching of blood Qi ascent, combined with Lu-8(经渠) treats pain in the arm (《A Thousand Gold Pieces Prescriptions(千金要方)》)
Combined with Lu-7(列缺) treat cough wind phlegm (《Ode of the Jade Dragon(玉龙赋)》)
Combined with Lu-10(鱼际) treats dry throat (《The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion(针灸大成)》)
Combined with H-7(神门), Liv-2(行间), Liv-3(太冲), Lu-10(鱼际) treats retching of blood (《针灸资生经》).
Combined with Lu-7(列缺), Lu-6(孔最), it has the effect to scatter wind resolve the exterior, diffuse the lung and suppress cough, mainly treats cough, panting, chest and back pain.
Combined with P-6(内关), St-42(冲阳), Sp-6(三阴交), benefits the heart free Yang, dispel stasis and frees the vessels, mainly treats no pulse syndrome.

【Point combinations】
retching of blood Qi ascent: Lu-9(太渊), H-7(神门).
swollen supraclavicular fossa: Lu-9(太渊), LI-1(商阳), GB-41(足临泣).
no pulse syndrome: LI-11(曲池), P-6(内关), Lu-9(太渊), LI-4(合谷), St-36(足三里).

【Technique】avoid radial artery perpendicular insertion 0.3-0.5 cun; can use stick moxibustion 3-5 min, but not direct moxibustion to avoid injuring the radialis artery.

【Classic texts】
《Thousand Gold Pieces Formulary(千金方)》: spitting of blood quivering with cold dry throat, Lu-9(太渊) treats it.
《Ode of the Jade Dragon(玉龙赋)》: cough wind phlegm, Lu-9(太渊), Lu-7(列缺) is beneficial to needle.
《The Golden Mirror(金鉴)》: mainly treats tooth pain, wrist forceless pain and cough wind phlegm, migraine on side and middle etc.

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